Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dishcloths, Hostessing & Cousins

Hi there blog visitors. It's dishcloth time here in Stripeyworld.

Lookey Lookey, this is some Lion Cotton sent to me by the lovely Rox. You know, here in Aussieland we don't have such stuff it's almost like cotton twine it's so stiff and harsh on the fingers. Sturdiness -that's what you want in a dishcloth!

So I began my dishcloth career with the Eyelet Cables dishcloth from DishCloth Boutique (What a legend website!! In the interest of speed there will be links later kiddies. In the mean time you'll have to do what Ailsa recommends GFGI*) The pattern doesnt show up to well with the variegated yarn and I began with needles to big so I've since begun a completely different
dishcloth that is half way finished but I haven't taken a shot of it yet. What you see here is scheduled for the frogpond.

And here's a photo of my marvelllous cousin Janey with Bronte and me. Janey has just left this week for a 12 month fellowship at NYU so she'll be looking for a SnB in Soho or thereabouts. She's just rediscovered knitting after a hiatus so I copied all the New York yarn shop addresses from Vogue Knitting and Interweave for her and I'm dying to see how she gets on. I even suggested she set up her own knitting blog so we can see how she is getting on!! Go Janey!!

Here's a photo of my other mmarvellous cousin Sophs (Jane's sister) with me and Bronte. They both live a long way away from me so it was VERY unusual to see them both within a day of each other. I'm not sure if Sophs has been bitten by the knitting bug but you never know!!

A while ago I volunteered to help Celia and CynCyn hostess the International Scarf Exchange 3 and they took me up on the offer so I am going to be busy busy busy checking out what my little group of scarf exchangees are up to. Fun Fun Fun!

I finished my Irish Hiking Scarf and as soon as I get the ends woven in I'll take a photo for you. It's not for the ISE3 I'm still thinking on that one.

Anyway happy knitting all!! :-) Stripey

*Just Fff-ing Google It!