Sunday, July 09, 2006


We went out for dinner with JT's work crowd on Friday night - what fun. Bronte came too and was looked after by a few of the midwives he works with. Then we went to Sydney again bright and early on Saturday to do some more to the house. It was a big day with the kids in tow but great to get the pavers laid and final retaining wall jobs done. Just few more weekends now and it will be done.

The drive to Sydney and back (1hr 30mins -ish each way) was excellent for progress on JT's vest. I'm finished the armhole shaping on the front and about to begin the v neck shaping- so I'm well and truly on the home stretch now!! I can hear all those new projects calling...calling.. calling... but I'm being strong! I'm going to finish knitting the vest by FRIDAY- now there's a challenge! So here's what the pile of intertwined yarn looks like at the mo.

Then today was spent in the sun. It was a stunning calm, clear, sunny winter day. Here we are dreaming dreams together with our lovely sleeping Bronte inn our arms, while the girls ran around with their visiting Wagga Wagga (a place in country NSW) cousins. We ate prawns and oysters for lunch and drank beer in the sun. Then all the kidlets went to sleep at once so JT and I had quiet adult time together in the kday, with no kids for the first time since baby B came along. What a life!!

A week or so ago I did a little shopping at Yarns Online. I was very excited last week to get my little parcel of clever Clover stitch holders and locking stitch markers AND a huge hooray for more bits and pieces for my Denise Interchangeable set. I LOVE MY DENISE!! The weekend was completed with a little playing with my new toys.

Now I'm looking forward to a home cooked Sang Choy Bow for dinner and Bleak House on the ABC accompanied by more progress on the vest. Hope you all had a fun weekend too!