Thursday, July 13, 2006

More Knitted Gifts

Here is Miss Dashwood from Knitty by the clever Donna. Personally I think it looks better on Bronte than the Knitty model. But I'm biased. Its a wonderful hat, so cuddly. Donna made it from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (I think) so it's a special luxury hat for Baby B.

Here is another outfit from the lovely Charmaine, one of my SnB cohorts. (Sadly, she's blogless and an incorrigable non commenting lurker-Hi Charmaine). Isn't she clever! the patterns are from one of Zoe Mellor's books, Adorable Knits or Nursery Knits- I forget which one. Havent they turned out well? !! Bronte hasnt worn them yet because I am just waiting for her to grow a titch to fit them better.

Thanks Donna, thanks Charmaine Bronte's a well turned out baby indeed!!

TODAY is my self appointed deadline for finishing the knitting on JT's vest. Stay tuned to see how I go - I think I'm on track to be done with it. Fingers Crossed!