Friday, July 07, 2006


I shouldn't write it, I shouldn't even think it, but it is after 1.00 in the afternoon and there is silence in the house. You know what that means?? ALL THE GIRLS ARE ASLEEP AT ONCE!! It's been about ten minutes now. I'm astounded. It is the first time in days that this has happened. Perhaps I'll get a whole blog post done and a few rows of knitting?? Well I won't get ahead of myself but BOY! What Joy!

Look what arrived in the mail about an hour ago!!

Oh what Joy! (yep it's been a joyous afternoon) My One Skein Secret Pal pressie for July and its only the first week of July!! Can you see all those georgeous things??? TWO skeins (it's only supposed to be one) of Rowan Summer Tweed!!! I have been yearning for Summer Tweed for AGES!! It's a wonderful winey colour. Green and Black's Chocolate for John and the Girls, a Tigger (too cute) wrist rattle for Bronte, a tin of special Green and Black's hot chocolate mix in dark chocolate and orange (my favourite), a wonderful handmade card, a lovely letter AND a pattern for a moebius scarf using - YEP you guessed it TWO SKEINS OF SUMMER TWEED!

She's a clever girl - I totally scooped the pool of One Skein Secret Pals. She has read my blog in great detail and sent me things I really love. I'm dying to know who she is! She wont even send me a clue! Signing off to knit a few rows - Its looking good - it is still peacefull here. I Hope it is for you all as well, wherever you are.