Monday, July 03, 2006

Wishing my life away

I realised today that I was wishing my life away and it's not good. I found myself thinking things like:

  • When Bronte is a bit older we will be able to settle her into a consistent bedtime. Then we will have our quiet evenings back.
  • When Bronte is a bit older she will have regular naps in the day time too. Then I'll be able to plan when to go out and do the groceries etc.
  • Won't it be great when she sleeps through the night...
  • When they all go to school I'll have time to myself again.(ha!) Then I can get back to my neglected sewing room.
  • When JT begins his new job next year we will be able to move to the area we've always wanted to and maybe have a BIG vege patch.
  • When we finish the renos on our house we will be able to put it on the market. Hooray!
  • When we've sold our house we can start to look to buy. What fun...
All of these little and big longings are all in an unknown future and I'm really looking forward to that future but continually thinking those things at the expense of enjoying the here and now is pretty silly not to mention the fact that it breeds discontent. Perhaps I'll concentrate on thinking things like:
  • Isn't it great that now I'm breastfeeding I'm really enjoying reading more novels?
  • Isn't it nice to have quiet private time with Bronte in the middle of the night?
  • Aren't the girls growing up fast? Isn't it great that I'm a stay at home mum and I can enjoy doing things with them?
  • Wow we managed to get another reno job done on the weekend. Were getting closer!!
  • Isn't Wollongong a great place to live and haven't I built up a fantastic network of supportive friends since we've been here?
  • And so on...
I have a lovely quiet morning at the moment. My mother in law has taken Milly and Gemma to play and I am having a rainy morning at home with Bronte (she's sleeping!) and the blogs. I might even browse some recipe books shortly for inspiration - I haven't done that for quite a long while!! It's a good day!!

Here's a shot of reno progress before Bronte was born:

And here's a shot of how it's SLOWLY coming along. My Dad and Brother are such legends they have done so much work. Unfortunately we have just turned up to lend a hand on the odd occasion when it fits in around JT's work commitments and having a baby. This weekend, I pruned things and JT helped mix concrete. It's getting there.....

Yep it's not looking bad at all...Just a few more weeks......(ha!)

My knitting is going great guns too - even the lace. No photos though because its thoroughly booring it looks pretty much the same as last time but about six inches longer and the vest is very close to the armhole shaping on the front it's rocketing along!!! Happy knitting all. :-)