Friday, May 26, 2006

Tiger Cub

Months ago, Blueadt , my SP6 spoiler, sent me some tiger cub socks. Previously on the blog they were modelled on a teddy. I think Bronte is a much better model!

They suit her very well, Blue and they fit perfectly - You are a star and a topic of much conversation around here because people are amazed that a knitter I've never met, in the UK, would send Bronte such a special gift!!! The little cream cardy was knit by my Aunty Sue for Gemma. It's an ultra fine lace weight knit into a raglan cardy with the cutest little shell heart buttons. It's super soft but very tiny, she will probably be out of it in a week!

Bronte is an angel baby so far - we have had two nights in a row where I have only been up once to feed her and 'touch wood' she is settling well. So far she's only crying if hungry and since I feed on demand that's easy fixed. We couldn't be happier.

AND She's starting knitting early, she has a vest for JT underway, It is a man's vest pattern called 'Rustic Style' by Jo Sharp. She's knitting it in Bendigo Woollen Mills' 8ply which I picked up for a song at a craft fair yeras ago. It's in a lovely textured rib called 'supple rib' and she swatched diligently to get gauge just like her mum! What a good girl!!

How cute are those socks??!!!