Thursday, June 01, 2006

Clever Tribe

We've been having such a nice time lately at home with our little newborn. We've just realised that we never have a holiday at home. If JT takes time off work we go away camping and see stuff so its such a novelty to have time to do things we never do like go out for lunch together, watch DVD's at in the middle of rainy days or go shopping together. Its great fun!

Bronte is still being a good girl and Milly and Gemma are still liking having her around. So far she's the best knitted for baby you've ever met if that is possible. Every time I see the knitting gals someone has a new special thing for her.

This one is a pretty amazing thing. It is the most georgeous blanket that Donni organised The Tribe gals into making on the sly for me. She even sent balls of yarn overseas to the tribe gals there and they sent back their squares. Donni crocheted them together when they were all here - all this and I had NO IDEA!!

Thank you all so much!! You'll have to let me know which ones you made. Donni put tags on some of the squares but some fell off before I had it memorised... It looks great on her cot and I did go to sleep on the lounge with it on my knees the other say so you'll all be happy to know - It works!!