Sunday, May 14, 2006


Hoo Boy! I'm 39 weeks and I'm still here. I can't see my feet, I can't fit into any of my shoes except one pair of mules, I can hardly stand after 5pm of an evening and I can't sleep through the night without having to go to the loo about twice and waking up having vivid dreams that I should be at the hospital.

I know that each day I am still here in one piece, the closer I am to being totally organised for the exhibition. I now have all the information for the exhibition labels typed in (except those rogues who haven't given me their work or their info - you know who you are!!) THis afternoon I'm planning to write up a few general information panels for the show and tomorrow I will mount them all on foamcore. With less than a week to go - I am not panicking. I won't panic. Well not yet anyway.

BUT you don't want to hear about this, I know you just want to see the knitting!! Well - here is the Rasberry Ripple Froth Cardigan all finished!! It's an Artfibres yarn that I bought in the USA at vast expense and until I sewed the ruffle on I thought it was pretty ordinary but the ruffle does wonders for it! Look how close I came to not having enough ribbon...phew that was cutting it fine!!

Here's the cardy all finished. I actually knitted it for Gemma (21 months old) but even tho I swatched and did all the maths it actually turned out to be just right for Milly (giant 3 year old) with plenty of yarn left over. WTF??!! I can only think I stuffed up in the calculations somewhere. But look its stunning! I'm so very very pleased with it! Now I just have to get her to model it. (A constant problem!)

I almost forgot to mention that on Friday we had the front page of the 'Northern Leader' a local Wollongong paper. I was SUPER excited. It's a long article and there are extensive quotes from my press release about our Wollongong SnB group and the SnB exhibition. So you see I haven't been sitting on my hands! And the photo is not too foul either.

Left to right is Donni, me in the front, Becky, Kerry, Stuart (who was a ring in) and Rae. The photo is taken at Kerry and Rae's new shop, our new LYS with PINK walls. The article was continued on the second page.

I'll try to organise a scanned in readable version at some point. OK back to the exhibition work - gotta get those panels written TODAY!
Happy Knitting All :-)