Thursday, May 11, 2006

One Piece

I am still in one piece. This kiddo just wants to stay in there and grow. I'm happy not to rush her on out if she's not ready but I'm really looking forward to seeing her. Also I just want it to be over before I begin to worry too much about having to go through the whole childbirth thing again. I know that what will be will be and I am still fininshing stuff off for our SnB exhibition blah blah...babies... Of course she will come when I am least expecting it!

Soback to knitting: A little while ago I posted about a whole pile of FO's and well, I guess I was finished knitting but I hadn't put on the buttons. But now behold the Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise cardigan. Totally finished: Blocked, buttons sewn on and all ends woven in. The Koigu KPPPM is just so soft and I love the colourway, its way better IRL. the buttons are little shell flowers. I think they go with it quite nicely.

I hate how my photos have dark corners. I'll have to work on that.

In a not totally unrelated aside- When I cast off the Baby Surprise with Milly sitting beside me (she's 3) I said: "There I'm done!" and she said "Now you just have to weave in the ends." They catch on fast don't they??!! She'll be a knitter yet!

I'm totally exhausted so its off to bed for moi. Sweet Dreams all!