Monday, April 03, 2006

Summer Berry Hat

While I've been thinking on my baby blanket problem, I've managed to solve (well enough to pass the galloping horse test) the pooling problem with the Artfibres cardy. (I did knit from both ends of the ball Jae - it seemed to help - thanks for the hint!) I've finished knitting it too and when the ends are all woven I'll take a few snaps for you.

I've also managed to finish one Summer Berry Hat and almost finished another. (Avoiding the baby blanket - nooooo - of course not!! ) I had two lots of experimental handspun in similar colours and I've just discovered that they're just the right amounts for little kiddy hats. It's the Umbilical hat pattern from Debbie Stoller's Stitch 'n Bitch which I love its easy to adapt to any gauge and super fast to knit!!!

Here is the model Gem looking sweet in the sunshine.

And here are the two of them - Look a that blue sky it was a georgeous morning yesterday here, crisp and clear as Autunm mornings are here often. Milly is wearing a cute strawberry hat - I can't take credit for, it was a market bought pressie from my aunt - Milly loves it!