Sunday, April 02, 2006

Not at the Observatory Hotel

This weekend Ailsa and Donni went on a yarn gals wild weekend in Sydney. This is what they were going to do . And this too.

I could not go with them. Mostly because JT was begining a week of night shift last night and wanted to rest in the day a bit but also because we have been away every weekend for about the last five weeks, Brisbane, Kangaroo Valley, Avoca Beach, Coogee and next weekend we are going to Wagga Wagga and the weekend after that back to Coogee to do more work on our house that we are trying to 'freshen up' to get on the market.

At 7.5 months pregnant ITS ALL TOO MUCH for this bunny!!!! Anyway I hope they both had a brilliant time! I'm sure they did.

I stayed at home, helped JT build new bunk beds for the girls, succumbed to the sale at Purl Yarns, had a long bath and read my novel, watched half of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, finished my Summer Berry Smoothie handspun Umbilical Hat and began another. Photos when the model obliges.

Today I'm off to see the sculptures on the beach as part of the Thirroul Festival with the girls while JT sleeps. Happy knitting every one. :-) Next week I am going to get back to my two stalled disasters - Thanks for all your tips hints and encouragements!!