Friday, March 31, 2006

oh nooooooo

I was knitting up a storm and very happy with the way it was all going THEN.......
I used the SCISSORS on the heart baby blanket to fix up the first colour change over.

I'm thinking that this was a mistake! I'm sure I'll be able to work it out and fix it up but hooo boy it dont look great at the moment...

So I stopped and concentrated on the Rasberry Ripple Artfibres cardy for Milly thinking that I would be finished soon AND THEN I NOTICED THE POOLING....EEEK Can any one else see the chequerboard effect happening on teh bottom few inches. ARRGGHHH!! It has also happened on the sleeves but its not quite as obvious. So last night I frogged back about three inches or more and knitted another few inches changing balls every two rows AND IT STILL HAPPENED!! so I'm currently stalled on that project too.

So I started something new and easy. A small hat made from some of my own handspun. Does any one remember Summer Berry Smoothie? Soon it will be a hat! Fingers crossed!!

Happy knitting and have a good weekend everyone. Hope you are not having disasters like me!!