Thursday, January 05, 2006

More Spinning Progress

I've now managed to spin up two skeins of the Rachel Meek dyed roving. Only two to go. Next time I'm going to play around with spinning them up with some other colours mixed in. Stay tuned.....

Also on Tuesday, I spun up another Summer Berry variation incorprating my ideas at the end of the last post. Then I waited ever so patiently for it to dry (not!!) I was dying to swatch it up to see if my theorising was correct. So here is a shot of the somewhat depleted ball - I was so keen to knit it up that I forgot to photograph the whole skein - but you get the idea.

We had every secod tuesday spinning group and had a quorum although it was a shorter than usual meeting due to post xmas excess and it was great fun as usual. On Wednesday I knit up the second Summer Berry skein up with my trusty Denises trying out graduating size needles. I cast on with US 10.5s then 10s and 9s. I think the 9s were right for the yarn - that is the end where my fingers are. I knitted up the whole skein last night and I was really pleased. Take a look:

Compared to the swatch in my last post, the one single of pink did 'unify' the colours and tone down the contrast-y ness (so technical!!) and there were still stripes but not as definite as last time. So I'm happy and ready to try something new. Something that Donni has been playing with for a while but that I haven't done yet - holding spinning two or more different coloured rovings at once. Off to try it.....


PS - Peeps, Thanks for all your comments and encouragement of late!