Thursday, April 06, 2006


Well there is progress on the knitting front. I've finished the rasberry ripple cardigan and now I just have to find just the right organza to do the frilly edging that I'm planning.

I've knitted the second umbilical hat but run out of yarn so I have to do a little bit of spinning before I can finish that one.

I have begun a new project knitting some beads into a loose tunic bu that is not proving to be a quick and easy knit like I'd hoped so I went back to the baby blanket. I should have that whipped into shape soon.

I have the cogs in the brain turning about the display for the Wollongong SnB exhibition which is sneaking up very very quickly more info on that shortly.

Oh and last week I joined the Sew? I knit project and the One Skein secret pal swap but I'm yet to post the buttons or consider the projects. Soooooon!! Sooon!!! There's a huge list of blog house keeping to do so better get on to it. Happy Knitting :-)