Friday, April 07, 2006

OMG the heart baby blanket is back in one piece!!!

This was last night as I attempted a three needle bind off to fix the dodgy row change over and to join it back together after I took the scissors to it last week. EEEk I'm concentrating...

About 15 minutes later it was back in one piece!!!! Oh I am so relieved!!! Can you work out where I took the scissors to it?? Notice how close my yarn calculations were! I only had those two tiny balls left!

This is the back showing the three needle bind off row and one of the the 'pick up stitches' rows. They look different on the back but not too bad.

Now I just have to weave in all the ends (yuk), block it and then decide if I will add more rows to the top and bottom to make it a more sensible shape for the cot. Despite its being a rectangle the wrong way, this would be just right for the bassinette that we put the bub in for the first few months but totally wrong as a throw for the cot. So I'll block it and think on it. Time may provide the answer. (ie I may run out of it)

Any way Mucho gracias once again to the wonderful Rachael who sent me a pattern I was after and the leftovers (almost a whole ball) of Lambs Pride in Sable. I asked her for a snippet so I could see the colour and she sent me almost the whole ball - just call her madame generosity!! Thanks heaps Rach!

And thanks again to Blueadt who once again suprised me out of the blue with these. Are they just the sweetest little socks for a baby Stripey Tiger!! Notice tht I was having a tug of war with Gemma over teddy while I was trying to take this shot! Thanks Blue I love them!!!

We are off again fo rthe weekend to Wagga Wagga to visit the cousins and check out progress on the house they are building. This is our second last weekend away before I refuse to budge ever again!!! I am so over racing all over the ^$#%$^?##&%* country constantly.

Have a great weekend every one!!! :-) Stripey