Monday, April 10, 2006

Weekend Knitting

There was no weaving in of ends! Not one. The baby blanket languished in the knitting bag all weekend with its 3020 (or more!!) ends and I didn't even look at it. The rasberry ripple cardy only has about two ends to weave in and I didnt touch them either - nope not once. Instead I did this:

It was great fun and speedy as we all know One Skein Wonders (OSW) are. This one is for Milly again as she seems to have grown out of the other one I knitted for her.

Aren't the colours great!! It's Katia 'Jamaica' 100% cotton, self striping that Rachael sent me for SP6. I admit to the stripes being semi-random, I did tweak a couple that came out little wierd - there were a few stripes that were suddenly way too skinny. I should have it finished tonight!! Another FO for the Wollongong SNB exhibition that we are holding in May.

So my list of things to show is now as follows: My Olympic Clapotis, The Heart Baby Blanket, The Rasberry Ripple Cardigan, Two handspun umbilical hats, The Katia OSW and maybe even the Silk Garden OSW that I finished earlier in the year and maybe another thing if I can make it quickly enough.

The exhibition is the 20th and 21st Of May (I'll post more details shortly on the WSnB blog- I'm a little behind with that blog - oops) and my bub number three is due 23rd May - I know I've told you this all before but its dwelling on my mind you see, because I'm responsible for organising the 'hang' (you know -the display of the works) and I MIGHT JUST BE HAVING A BABY RIGHT THEN - either that or incapacitated by my elephantine proportions.....In the mean time I must knit, knit like the wind to make sure that I am at least contributing to the show.

And here is a little knitters eye candy for you.

If you are in OZ and like the look of the Mollydale dyed silk or the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted go and see Taryn at Purl Yarns.