Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Plea!

I have a small plea!
Do you have any old Jo Sharp patterns??

I have a brochure from her early days for single pattern leaflets that used to be available. It is called Jo Sharp Hand Knitting Collections and is a three leaf fold out A4 brochure with a woman in a leafy autumn scene on the front.

The brochure shows a pattern for a man's vest called 'Rustic Texture' pattern #145. I would love to get my hands on a copy of this pattern. I have had some yarn in the stash for a vest for JT (FOR EVER!!) and I think the time has come to actually knit it - just in time for summer ha ha!

I emailed Jo Sharp to see if it was still available but alas it is no longer extant. They did say though that there is a striped version of the same vest called 'Wayside' in one of Jo Sharps books called The Hanover Bay Collection. Unfortunately that is no longer in print either but this is what Hanover Bay Collection looks like.

And so could you?? - Would you?? -Please have a look through your pattern leaflet and book stash for either of these:
'Rustic Texture' pattern #145. or 'Wayside' from The Hanover Bay Collection

I'd be most appreciative!! Really!! And so would JT. I've knitted loads of things for the kids, friends kids, for me and for gifts but nothing, nada, zip for him. Shocking isn't it??

In current knitting news: I am happily knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Cardigan (and yes finally I am spelling surprise correctly lol) from the lovely Koigu KPPPM that I purchased in San Fran but I have a little inkling that I'm not going to have enough yarn eek- I thought I was 'on guage' but it is appearing as though I am not. @%@^@$^ But I shall persevere... I shall not be cowed at this early stage.

Happy knitting all!! And I hope you had as homey and productive a weekend as we have had here chez stripey!! :-)