Monday, April 24, 2006

Plea Update

Update to my plea below - within less than 2hours of the post the blogosphere has provided!! Help with my pattern search has arrived from Janette .

Janette can help me with the 'Wayside' pattern from Hanover Bay Collection but I'd still be interested to see how it differs from the Rustic Texture #145 pattern leaflet if anyone has it. Cheers and thanks heaps to Janette!!

I'm off to make a combat plan about how to attack the next few weeks - I just have the hugest avalanche of things to do in the next month - not the least of which is having a baby. I am pretty prepared on the baby front (although they say I am measuring bigger than my dates and may have to be induced early if she's too big -just what I need -lol!!) but deadlines relating to the Wollongong Stitch 'n Bitch Exhibition (See the button in the sidebar for a link) are rushing at me headlong... eeek!!