Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Oh wow - I have just this very minute woven in the very last end on my Heart Baby Blanket!!! Now I'm off to block it -pics soon!!

Edited 15 mins later to add - OMG I just this very minute finished seaming up the sleeves of the Rasberry ripple cardigan. Now I just have to find the right organza to sew a ruffle on it.

AND just before Easter I finished the Katia Cotton OSW (includng all those ends) that I was working on but I think I forgot to mention it.

AND yesterday, I spun up some more yarn to finish the second Summer Berry Smoothie Umbilical Hat, then last night the yarn was dry enought to finish knitting it. Woo Hoo!! So now I'm going to post this and weave in all the ends....

Edited 30 mins later to add - AND FINALLY I have woven in the ends on the Summer Berry Bmoothie Hat - with Milly's help snipping off the ends.

Sooo that's three FOs in a pile next to me and one where all the knitting is done and only the ruffle remains. Happy Happy Dance!

What is next??? Well I need to work on the admin stuff for the Wollongong SnB exhibition at the end of May and I'd hoped to cast on for a Baby Suprise Cardy by Elizabeth Zimmerman using some Koigu KPPPM that I bought in the states BUT WOE IS ME - I CANT FIND THE PATTERN.

Happy Knitting all - I'm off to 'rest on my laurels' for a small while oh and find that pattern....