Friday, March 10, 2006


Last time I did anything with this quilt top was 22 Dec 2004. Which is when I took the photo. Shocking isn't it!! Anyway I am outing myself. I DO HAVE A FEW QUILT UFO's. I hope to get this one finished this year!!! Its a collection of US civil war fabrics that JT gave me BEFORE WE HAD KIDS!!

I have cut most of the sashing pieces and all the sawtooth star blocks are pieced. In this photo I had laid it out to see if I liked the placement of the blocks and the colours etc. I do- so now all I have to do it sew up the top and sandwich it and quilt it. What do you think?? Any bets on when it will be done- given that I have a bub due in late May. Mmmmm??? I'd say not before Dec 2006 at this rate but we will see. It's back on my list so maybe sooner......