Monday, March 13, 2006

Still Knitting

Aside from the quilting and spinning - I do have a knitting project on the go. I've been working on it for a small while. It's a baby blanket for number three, due at the end of May. I think I already mentioned that i'm using Elizabeth Lavold's Classic AL which I mistakenly said was 70% alpaca and 30% Merino but its actually 50/50 Baby Alpaca and Merino so it will warm up that little one nicely. Thanks again to Blueadt who was my SP5!!

It took me a while to begin especially as I was going to make up the pattern so I had to swatch and decide what I liked. First I swatched to see what needle size suited me and the yarn..... Then I swatched to see if I liked the moss stitch (seed stitch) heart motif from Stitch 'n Bitch.....

Then I swatched to see if I could successfully change the heart to a little bit smaller than the Deb Stoller SnB heart. Looking good....

Then I swatched to see if the two colours and intarsia joining of the 'blocks' was going to be successful and yep I'm happy with that so far.... Infact I was really happy with how neat I managed to get it at the back. Its straight line intarsia so I know its the easy kind but at the moment I feel like I have it licked!!

Then I pulled this swatch undone to measure the yardage and calculate how much I had used and how much I had and concequently how big the blanket could be. I worked out that it's going to be 25 blocks - a 5 x 5 square with white and red checks using the same heart motif and moss stitch border knit all in one so I don't have to seam them all together.

So far i've knit five blocks - which is one complete row of checks and I'm half way through the second row of checks so I'm making good progress. When I've finished tehsecond reow and woven in the ends I'll take a shot for you so you can see how its going AND the super neat back that I am very proud of!! Happy Knitting All!!