Monday, January 02, 2006


Some months ago I mentioned that I was close to my 100th post. Then I totally forgot to look but now we are in the very early stages of 2006 I thought it opportune to reflect on this little blog for a moment. This is my 126th post! The first post was on April 17, 2005 and since then the blog has had an amazing 6400 hits.

When I began I knew only two other bloggers Donni and Ailsa and I had met them first in the real world. Now I have met and knit with quite a few bloggers who don't live too far away and correspond regularly with still more knit bloggers in Aus and overseas. I love it!! I've learned heaps and I 've been spurred to try new things, knowing that 'someone out there' will be able to help me if I get stuck.

My whole reason for beginning this blog was kind of as a personal scrap book of my knitting achievements, some where I could look to see what I had been doing with my time but now it's a meeting place and a porthole into other worlds of knitting. I've really enjoyed reading about other's ideas about their lives, countries, suburbs and LYSs. I've LOVED seeing Christmas pictures from cold climes while we are sweltering and I've loved seeing what and how much all you talented people are able to make and do. It's a constant inspiration and driving motivation to keep playing and experimenting. So for that I thank you all ENORMOUSLY!!

This was meant to be a post about the spinning I did yesterday which I am sooo pleased with but its nearly 9am and I'm in my pjs (hey - It's holidays) so I'm off for a shower to return later with pics of Summer Berry Smoothie.

I wish you all a great year filled with exciting knitting achievements and yarn store
blockbuster bargains!! Happy Days!! Stripey xx