Monday, January 02, 2006

Summer Berry Smoothie

On Saturday, New Years Eve, there was a small group of hardcore knitters at SnB. Donna came down to escape the heat. Rae, Kerry, Shirley, Donni and I were there. For a while we were the only ones in the bar. Five women sitting knitting in the Lobby Bar of the largest beachside hotel in Wollongong. ONLY FIVE PEOPLE IN A BAR ON NEW YEARS EVE!! Have you ever heard of such a thing?? Any way we got down to business and began taking about our SnB exhibition that we are working on for late May. Good progress was made. We also chatted about how to make that vareigated kind of handspun that you often see at Pluckyfluff, Fun with Yarn and Pink Peppercorns. I had a theory and after chatting about it I got all excited and came home and began spinning.

My theory was to spin two singles, one with three colours spun in alternating sections and one with two different colours spun alternately in eth same single. So see the bobbins: One has white, light and slightly darker pink and the other has a rose and fuscia colour.

Then I plied them together and came up with this:

Summer Berry Smoothie!

I was pretty happy with it. It's fairly evenly spun and I'm guessing its a heavy DK weight possibly closer to aran in some sections. I realise that the contrast between the white and the fuscia makes quite a striking/severe effect. You could also do this with a group of tonally quite similar colours and it would still be effective but much more subtle. Now to swatch it up and see how it knits up - Fun Fun Fun!!