Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 - Baptism by Fire

Happy New Year to all!!!

Hoooo Boy it's been a hot one today. It was 45 degrees (over 100 F) on our way home from the beach this morning and its just been getting hotter all day. We have spent the whole day hiding from the heat with blinds closed and fans on. It's meant that I've been reading my novel and doing more spinning. So it hasnt all been bad. The girls have been pretty good and even had sleeps which was a relief!!

The Happy New Year photos here show JT and his girls at the Continental Sea Baths at Wolongong top left and bottom right and customary christmas king tides at the baths saw the sea washing over the edges of all the pools onto the pathways. It was kind of exciting - a day of extremes.

Its 5pm now and we are all about to walk across the road to see if Ailsa minds if we have a dip in her pool. It's too hot to drive and park anywhere!! The southerly change is not expected till very late tonight so its not getting any better soon.

Photos of NEW!! spinning and news of yesterday's snb later. :-) Stripey