Thursday, January 12, 2006

Spoiled for Choice

I just read my last post about technology and I think Jussi is right - It must have been too much caffine. Or something.

For light relief I will discuss what shall be dubbed 'the hilarious hat'. Early in my spinning career. (Perhaps July 2005) I spun about 100g of pretty silk and merino blend by the fabulous First Edition Fibres 'boys' in Euroa. It was lumpy and disgusting. It was tight and over spun.

I began to knit it into a hat. You see:

Now, my mother is going to the UK in a month and wants a warm hat. She is fussy about the fit. So I offered her (in jest) the half finished hilarious hat to try - she loved it (!?) So she kept knitting with the yarn I still had until it was gone. Amazingly she is still keen to wear said hilarious hat on her trip. BUT now I must spin more yarn so it can be finished.

So here:

I seem to have managed to spin it as thick but not as lumpy. Because I am so much more an accomplished spinner now! (lol!) I hope there is enough!!

I have not forgotten I promised to discuss that I was SPOILED FOR CHOICE:

We are off to San Francisco IN LESS THAN A FORTNIGHT!!! and I am paralysed by the amount and variety of amazing yarn that I could buy when I get there. So much so that I may end up with nothing. (no!!) So far in San Fran I propose to visit Imagiknit, Artfibres, Atelier and Greenwich Yarn and Stitchworks. Any more ideas?? And I haven't even begun to look at what quilting shops might be

NEXT POST: Knitting (or not) on the plane. (That old chestnut)