Sunday, January 15, 2006

Balance + Quite a few Photos

Here is a shot of the skein I quickly spun up for my mother to complete the 'hilarious hat' ( al la last post) . I've wound it off the bobbin and voila!! Look how balanced it is!!

Well actually, when I first held it up there was NO TWIST at all. But Milly is managing to hold it in a way that makes it twist slightly. But still - considering that I am a chronic overspinner its not too bad. I'm improving I think!!

And check out the buns! Shhh they're rising. Jussi inspired me.

Oh and see - this is what happens when you look away for a second!

They're done!! AND I'm eating one with a cuppa as I write. Yum Yum. Milly said Oh Look they're all stripey! (Of course!) And so I have dubbed them The Stripey Tiger's Sticky Cinnamon Blogger Buns. (Girls - yes - you and you - might get some tomorrow it U R lucky!)

What a great way to spend a Sunday. Baking, eating and blogging - oh and I'm about to go off and finish my ISE scarf. I do believe I am only one night's knitting away from the end. Woo Hoo!! I will take it with me to the US next week to post because I think it won't get there any faster if I post it from here this week.

Also the postman brought me a suprise on Friday. Danielle had sent me a wonderful suprise. Some Blue Moon Fibre Arts 'Soft Rock'. It's lovely and soft and it's in a georgeous colourway of soft purples, pale sage greens and loads of shades in between. Thanks Danielle that was very(!) unexpected and generous of you - What a star!

Hope you've all had a good weekend. :-)