Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How Technology Has Changed My Life

OK So I didn't mean medical science or nuclear physics or bio technology or materials engineering or the many other AMAZING advances in human endeavour that have changed our lives irrevocably.

(Even though nano particles technology is currently way up there on my 'potentially creepy but no less useful scientific developments' list!! No really - Do you know what they are doing already with nano particles and nano machines!!!??? Oh be afraid!! Be very afraid!!) (PS Ailsa I know you snorted just now when you read that)

Anyway, undoubtedly there's many more important things I could be discussing BUT I am going to tell you that the ability to show you THIS as soon as it happens or to listen to THIS or THIS whenever I like, are what is currently impressing me technologically.

How good are podcasts!!?? and Audio on demand from radio stations!!?? I am totally in love. You can listen to what you want when you want. Stuff from ALL around the world.

(Really, when we hit Peak Oil and no one can afford to drive or fly anywhere it will be a strange phenomenon because global communications already mean that a lot of people don't have to go anywhere ever because its all at the end of the press of a button (or two). Like you lot - you great crazy lot of knit bloggers. I love you all - I could never go anywhere or meet any one and I would still have this great community of knitters at my fingertips. Of course I don't advocate this course of action and I didnt mean this rave to head in that direction but you can see it happening can't you?)

To get back to topic - I really enjoy Knitcast. If you haven't checked it out you should, there are many many great interviews with the knitterarti + etc. Brenda Dane's Cast On has a different flavour but still very entertaining in a knitterly way. Look on Knitcast's blog for a link to many other knitting podcasts that have mushroomed over the lst six months. I think it's time for an aussie knitting podcast but I don't really have the energy for a new hobby.

I have discovered a dropped stitch in the first few inches of the ISE scarf I'm knitting (linked to above) - fear not! It was discovered early enough to remedy!! (I hope) and I'm more than half way woo hoo!!! I wish to post it before or while we are in the USA so my pal can have it in a couple of weeks. Knitting... knitting.... knitting.... Fun isn't it!! Here's a pic of the progress.
ps Thankyou Dawn for your very kind comment on the scarf.

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