Monday, January 09, 2006

Not about Technology

I know - I said this post would be about how technology changed my life. Well - It's not going to be. Sorry. Maybe next time.

I just wanted to mention that I have just been surfing and I just discovered that the sign up for SP7 is over. I had SP7 on bloglines while I decided if I would do it again. Then I decided I wouldn't, deleted the blogline and that was that.

Now that I've noticed that I've missed the deadline, I have discovered that I am a little sad about not being in it. Just a little sad, but sad none the less. Funny old thing.

I guess a break will give me a chance to use the great gifties I got from SP5 and SP6. I will, I will, I will!! - Yup its a new New Years Resolution.

BTW - Don't get me started about the RIDICULOUS no knitting on airoplanes policy!! Idiocy!!!!

Happy Knitting Kids! :-) Stripey