Friday, January 06, 2006


Crazily, in the weeks before Christmas I joined three something-alongs. I'm only managing to get my head around them now.

The first was International Scarf Exchange Two which I thought about and thought about for ages before coming up with my scarf. I'm knitting Misty Garden from Scarf Style from a lace weight wool held double on size 5mm needles. At the beginning I used a small amount of coordinating eyelash yarn held with the other. I dont usually use novelty yarn but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I was thinking I woudl knit a cble something but then I read my pals questionnaire and she answered the 'Cables or Lace?' question with lace so I had to completely change my thinking. I'm not a really experienced lace knitter so I'm pleased with how this is going. Not many mistakes so far. It's the feather and fan lace pattern which is pretty easy I know for lace but you've got to start somewhere. The close up photo at the top wight is closest in colour to the real scarf. I'm about 1/3 of the way through and hope to send it off before we go to the US - or while we are there.

The next one is Sock it to me Summer. I was all keen to jump in and knit some kick ass (literally) socks like everyone else in blogworld but I'm still getting getting my head around this one. So here is a little shot of some cute baby socks tat my mother bought in New Zealand for our baby on the way. I've decided that I'll have a go at some EASY baby socks first. If only because they are a smaller project. So lets just say I'm still thinking on it - But here is a shot of some little socks I wish I had knitted.

I did participate in Ornamental, Rox's wonderful Christmas ornament exchange. Sadly of so sadly my ornament has not got to my pal yet. Its terribly terribly sad as I sent it about two weeks before Christmas and I'm BUSTING to post photos of it. But as I expect my pal WILL get it shortly (positive thinking) So I'll hold off showing phots till then. Fingers crossed Tahlia!!

Then there's the mystery Panta-along. I haven't posted anything about this something-along until now because I just havent got around to it. Donni looked at my profile recently and thought I was keeping it a secret because teh group blog shows up there but I hadnt added the button or chatted about it. Anyway I've now added the button and I'm telling you that Panta is a very cool looking headband, kind of head wrappy thing. I stumbled across it when looking at the blogs of other scarf exchange people. Its organised by Peggy at Rainberry Blue and I've always wanted to knit something like that. So this photo (bottom right) is some of my friend Kerry's handspun - I plan to cast on this week - no really - I do!!!

So lots of new stuff to do - better get kntting....

NEXT POST - How technology is changing my life. ;-)