Thursday, January 19, 2006

A question

What do you think these are ???

The Answer:

Knitting needles for the plane of course!

I'm leaving for a fortnight in San Francisco IN TWO DAYS!! Only two more sleeps!! Woo hoo. Our two lovely girls are going for a week's holday with each set of grandparents. I will miss them of course but the MOST PRESSING ISSUE is how to knit when you are not allowed to take knitting needles on the plane????

As you can see I've been working on the problem. They cant stop me from taking two toothbrushes (15mm needles) or two crayons (10mm needles) or two jumbo pencils (12mm needles) onto the plane can they?? I will knit - you just watch me!!!

BTW - I think this whole thing about not being allowed to take knitting needles on the plane is TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. I could go on and on about it but I will try to limit myself. A sharp lead pencil could do more damage than a knitting needle. There's a ridiculous amount of things on the plane already that could be used by those who wish to cause harm. A broken aluminium can, a broken piece of plastic cutlery, panty hose, some umbrellas are pretty lethal, headphone cords, ball point pens, bra underwires not to mantion many, many more things that I would not have even thought of because its not my particular interest. A terrorist is not going to resort to knitting needles. No really - can you see it?? As if they would bother when there's so many better options.

So after that rant lets hope that we are not on the world's first plane hijacked by knitting needles or anything else for that matter. Off to keep packing....