Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ornamental Exchange

Look what arrived out of the blue yesterday!! I was completely suprised. My Ornamental pal had been very silent and I had assumed that the silly season had become too much for her. But No - she must have been working hard all that time because in the parcel that arrived yesterday was not one but three (!) handpainted plaster ornaments and a card. Thanks so much Katrina. It was a lovely suprise to find your parcel in the mail. They will find their spot on our tree sooner than we all expect. (You know how Christmas always sneaks up on us!!)

AND in other news - The ornament I sent Tahlia finally arrived after its long journey. Thanks Tahlia for being soooo patient and so appreciative when it finally arrived. I have been dying to post photos of that ornament on my blog and now she has seen it here it is (front and back) posing on my Christmas tree:

I had so much fun planning and making my ornament for Tahlia, I'm just so sad that she didn't have it for Christmas but she was so kind about it so I'm glad that she will get some joy from it.

Mucho, Mucho Gracias to Rox of SP5 fame for being a legend exchange organiser and thinking up this one and generally for being such a totally super gal!!! We all love Ya!! xxx