Thursday, December 29, 2005


Yesterday I managed to navajo ply the Rachel Meek roving that I had spun up the day before. I hadn't done any navajo plying for a while so it took me quite some t ime to get the knack again. Anyhow its done. It turned out soooo overplied and curly that I had to weight it while it dried. It was so curly that I wondered if I had plied it with the wheel going the same way as whenI spun the single! (Surely not!! But you never know)

So the shot above shows my spinning progress. The blue is the freshly navajoed skein and the white is a merino and angora blend that I did back in August. I dubbed it 'Angora in the Afternoon' The point of showing them side by side is to show how I have got better at spinning in four months. The angora is a normal ply and pretty thick (it would be aran to bulky) and uneven. Although at the time I was quite pleased with it and the blue is heaps more even and is probably a DK to aran weight.

So there you go!! Today I did some Kool Aid dyeing. Man it was fun fun fun but it would be a way too heavy photo post - so later I promise! :-)