Sunday, December 04, 2005

Outside and inside my knitting 'Stuff Sack'

Here's what it looks like from the outside:

So now that I have finished the silk garden OSW, here is what is inside: My everlasting Rowan Froth Scarf. This is the filler project at the moment. I just keep working on it when I run out of oomph on others. It grows inch by inch. I worked on it at SnB last weekend and because I hadn't worked on it for a while, I got the lace pattern all wrong and had to frog back what I'd done - Duh!! I'm back on track now and have about 20cm to go before I can pick up the frill - I'm worried about running out of the precious Kid Silk Haze like Maggie did oh noooo. It costs about $30 AUD a ball here. eeeekkk!!!

The next thing inside: I know, you are thinking, "I have seen that before - What is she doing to it now??" Well I decided that Milly's 'no pattern' skirt was no good as a skirt and would be better as a dress as I originally had intended. So I pulled out the elastic, undid my ultra neat sewing and frogged back about two inches past the row of purl I had put in to turn over the casing. So how to decrease for a dress in the round??? I did some k2togs on either side for an inch or two until I realised I was getting a spiral line up each side of the dress. I didn't want to space them out across the knitting and interfere with the smooth stocking stitch and I didn't know how else to do it so I frogged back the two inches and determined that I would have to knit the front and back seperately, make my decreases on the sides and seam it up later. The problem with this was all the purl I was hoping to

I knitted about two inches on both front and back with the decreases and it looked ok - then I ran out of the colours I needed and stalled. The other day Ailsa said to me "You know there is a pattern called Rosebud on Knitty that is knitted in the round and has the side decreases that you are after." I looked ....of course!!! It was so simple, place a marker, k2tog on one side and ssk on the other making a nice arrow shaped decrease on each side. I frogged back the two inches I'd done on the front and back AGAIN!!! and tried it - see the lovely stitch markers courtesy of my brilliant SP6 Rachael - It's working....It looks good - I'm pleased that I have learned yet another valuable knitting skill BUT.....

One side looks neat and tight see...

And the other side is all loose and floppy and the stitches are all open. See:

I'm wondering now whether I'll be able to tweak them after I've knitted it and tighten them up later or if I have to FROG BACK the inch and knit it AGAIN!!!!!! I think that might just be the record for the number of times that a couple of inches have been knit frogged knit frogged knit frogged etc etc...

What do you reckon?? Forge Ahead?? Or go back??? While I wait for the two more balls frm Ozeyarn I'll sleep on it.

In the mean time. On to my Ornamental contribution AS PRIORITY ONE. Then to decide on my sock for Sock it to me Summer and begin my International Scarf Exchange Scarf..... eeek BUSY BUSY AND!! its only a few short weeks till Christmas - Phew!!!!