Sunday, October 16, 2005

Lovely Weekends

It was a lovely weekend. After a cooking scrambled eggs on toast for the family then a frenzy of housework on Saturday morning I felt extremely virtuous. Virtuous enough to announce to JT that I was heading off to Spotlight (sans kids) for a couple of hours and not to expect me back before lunch.

Woo Hoo what fun. Not hauling kids in and out of the car, not trying to wheel the pram through the shop, not trying to stop Milly from picking everything up and moving it and not trying to stop Gemma from chewing the barcode from each packet of needles, elastic etc that I am going to buy. So I browsed with a trolley no less. Found a bin that had rolls and rolls of great things for $2 and $3 per metre!!! So I filled that darn trolley, headed home, made lunch, ate lunch put the kids off to bed for their arvo sleeps and went off into my sewing room and made these baby capsule quilts. They were quick to make I was really pleased.

This first one is a shot of one of the quilts before it is washed.

The second one is the shot taken after the seams are clipped and the quilt is washed and dried. The seams puff up and go all soft and velvety.
Here is a close up of the before and after - It shows the difference between the two better.
Then we made pizzas for dinner - Milly thought that it was fantastic and they were delicious too.

Then we got a DVD 'Life is Beautiful' it was fantastic, so horrific, so breathtakingly beautiful, so incredibly funny and so thought provoking!! What a movie - I was exhausted after seeing it. Then poor JT had to work on Sunday 8am - 11pm, isn't that nasty! So we really had our whole weekend in one day. Phew!
Didn't do much knitting though....