Thursday, October 13, 2005

Small World

The world really is a small place sometimes. Since Knitpicks doesn't deliver to Australia we have to connive all sorts of methods to get the gear!! Donni has a relative who lives in the US so the locals all banded together and did an order and got her to send it across for us.

This is what I ended up with. Two balls of Simple Stripes for socks, a skein of Gossamer which is a lace weight merino (the greeny one), and one skein of Shimmer, a baby alpaca and silk blend (the purply blue one on the right) which is lovely and soft.

On knitting progress: I have done about half the length of the centre of the Froth Sacrf and I'm probably only about 10cm away from finishing the cotton skirt for Milly. Its progressing fast! I'm still swatching with Karabella Frost for Soleil, a Knitty pattern that I've had my eye on. More on that when I succeed and get gauge.

On kid-building progress: Thank you guys for sending me your lovely wishes. The morning/day sickness has been intermittent but pretty nasty today! Fun Fun Fun.... Looking forward to the second trimster, When I feel like super woman even though I look like the Michelin Man!. Happy Days!!