Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Knitting Update

Ahh Tuesdays!! My girls are in Family Day care on Tuesdays. It's lovely! The whole day 8am-4pm. I agonised over the decision to send them for months and they've been going now for about 4 months. Sometimes I think its the best decision I ever made!

Today I've decided to spend the whole day at home sewing. Now its 9.30 and I have already completed one thing which is a little suprise pressie so I wont show a pic or tell you much about it cause it will give it away. I'm trying to build up a bit of stock to sell at markets - I've been inspired by Donni and my spinning guru Kerry who both do markets. I have an idea that it might be a fun way to make some pocket money to feed the yarn and fabric addiction and also I'm having a saving campaign towards buying an overlocker (or 'serger' I think they call them in the states). With an overlocker I'd be unstopable!!

Yep I have been doing the odd bit of knitting amongst all the sewing! Here's a shot of my purple themed knitting at the moment - Its a fluke really. Here you can see; the skirt for Milly - I've only got about three inches to go; swatching in Frost in the lovely deep purple; progress on the Froth scarf in stunning Kid Silk Haze and there's also the very beginnings of a One Skein Wonder cast on there in cream cotton. (Thanks to Dawn at Kutieknits who I did a pattern swap with recently) .

Anyway better get back to the sewing - don't want to waste my precious kid free sewing time!