Friday, October 21, 2005

More Sewing

I know this is supposed to be predominantly a knitting blog so before I post pics of my latest sewing FO's that I'm trying to build up to sell at markets. I'll tell you that I'm really enjoying the One Skein Wonder. I'm loving how its constructed and can see that its going to look fantastic on little Miss Milly! I'm making good progress on it too. Glampyre is a clever clever girl!

Marti just emailed me to see if I want any Knitpicks or Koigu!! Do I what!!! Thanks Marti I'll be combing the catalogues. (I shouldn't say that I haven't actually knitted up the last lot of stuff I got from Knitpicks and I have 'project in wailting' queue a mile long!)

I've been making good progress on market stock despite morning sickness and waves of tiredness that come and go. Ahh c'est la vie!! Here's a chenilled baby capsule quilt. I'm not as pleased with this one as I am with the last two. It took about three times more effort and I really don't think that it is three times better - or that I could sell it for three times as much.
Here's a ruched cushion cover modelled by Milly. It's about a foot square. Yep I'm pretty happy with it. I think it could be much more exciting in terms of colour and its construction is a tad clumsy because it was the first one etc but I'm pleased with how my idea worked out. I had the idea just as I fell asleep a few days ago and remembered it whan I woke up and went right to work ... voila!
Happy Knitting All .... :-) Stripey