Sunday, October 09, 2005

Knitting Progress

I am clean!! We went to the family bush hut on the weekend. Over the course of a few days with no showers, no power and no running hot water you long for a tub!! So I've had a long, long shower, I have my fluffy slippers on and I'm prepared to show you shots of what I've been up to. But first, here are the girls having fun. What is it with kids and empty wine bottles...?

Maggie, I'm knitting Rowan's 'Froth' in Dewberry. The same as you. I looked very hard at your photos on Friday to see if I was doing it right because it didn't seem like I was. Anyway I've persevered and this is what I've come up with. I'm still not 100% sure but I can live with it. I'm totally in love with Kidsilk Haze!!! I think I'll have to move to the UK (where its cheaper and I can visit Blueadt) on the strength of it.

I'm also enjoying knitting a skirt in Heirloom 8ply cotton for Milly. This is mindless circular knitting. I plan to do some embroidery when its done. Perhaps some flowery things in greens.... Who knows - It will speak to me when the time comes.
Hopefully I will have more progress to show soon. I've been working on lots and lots of sewing stuff which I hope to get a chance to blog about soon. Happy Days... :-)