Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What Goes Around

Last week I received a letter from the UK. I wondered what it was and opened it up and inside was a fab brochure from Rowan. I realised at once that it was from Blueadt my Fab Secret Pal from SP5 who gifted me the most thoughtful range of goodies and just keeps on sending... I am truly spoilt. The Brochure has about 12 patterns, including the famous 'Birch' which, in my new found love of Kidsilk Haze and lace knitting I feel I must begin INSTANTLY!! Another pattern that I was intrigued by 'Ava' was a kind of asymetrical short poncho in rev stocking stitch made from Rowan Ribbon Twist. I've never seen Rowan Ribbon Twist but it looks good - More food for thought. (As if I didn't have enough on my to do list!)

Then on Monday when I got home from all the rushing around there was a mysterious little parcel in my letter box. I thought 'Oh goody something from my Secret Pal' but no - It was something from the Secret Pal I was sending to in SP5. Marti at Weebug Knits very thoughtfully sent me this:And inside.......The Yarn Harlot's Meditations for Women who Knit Too Much and some real live beaded stitch markers. Did you make them Marti?? I have never had any beautiful beaded stitch markers - Its such a treat. I usually use bits of contrasting yarn. They are very beautiful!! Thanks Marti that was a great suprise.
Now I owe both these fab girls an apology. It has taken me too many days to acknowledge their generous thoughts and gifts. I'm sorry about that and hope you realise that it doesn't mean that I appreciate them any less. You see, my excuse is that I have been stricken by a mysterious ailment. It is preventing me from blogging with quite the regularilty that I was. Its first symptoms were; a nasty taste in my mouth that no cup of tea would remove; becoming unaccountably ravenous at about 9am each day; waking up in the night needing to go to the bathroom; feeling totally exhausted mid-afternoon; finding my jeans suddenly a little tight in the waist and progressing now, to feeling nauseous all day.... I haven't been the doctor - do you think I need to???

Off to make some peanut butter toast, I'm starving!! :-) Happy Knitting.