Monday, September 12, 2005

Karabella Roses Tunic

Finally here are the pics of the finished Roses tunic dress. I did the last seaming on Saturday morning before we left. Phew! The wedding was at 5.30 in the afternoon. We dropped the kids off with my mum and headed off to a BnB in Palm Beach. Here I am all dressed and ready to go at the B'nB.
Here is the back view. Boy I felt like an idiot having these photos taken. What do you think about the handbag. My friend Louise (on the left below) lent it to me Perfect huh! I was pretty pleased with how it turned out considering that I totally invented it. I'm very pleased too that I didnt feel like too much of a wierdo in it at the wedding.
Here we are all three of us Me, Tonia, the bride and Louise. We all were great friends at uni, along with Louise's husband Martin (Louise and martin live near me and I see them all teh time which is great but we dont see Tonia any where near enough. Those uni days are a while ago now and there's been a few kids and a decade or so between now and then. It was really fantastic to catch up, to see Tonia so happy and to see Tonia's family again after a few years. I'm sorry I didnt get a shot of me and JT together all dressed up. What a shame.
Have a great honeymoon in Europe Tonia and Simon. Thanks for a fabulous evening!