Sunday, September 11, 2005

SP5 - The Big Reveal

Boy Time Flies!! Secret Pals 5 is almost over and I've had heaps of fun. Its time now to do the big reveal.

You already know that I guessed who was sending to me. Blueadt_knits. This is her blog. She is a busy mum like me who knits as much as she can. Everything she attempts comes out looking supurbly finished. Its been great reading her blog and following her knitting adventures and she loves Airedale Terriers and in a wierd kind of cybercoincidence so do I!

I managed to guess her blog because I had a couple of clues. First clue, very early in the piece she sent me some postcards from her holiday. I was very impressed. Second clue, in emails she mentioned that she had a daughter. Third clue, her email address had words that sounded like the area that she might live, East Yorkshire. I was looking through the sp5 participant list blog by blog, some from the beginning, some from the middle and some from the end. (I'm never going to see them all!!) And I chanced upon her in the 'Bs' The holiday postcards combined with the email address clinched it! Anyway thanks very much 'Blue' I've really loved having you as a secret Pal and I hope we will keep in touch. I'm really looking forward to my last parcel and I can't believe how generous you have been already!

I have been sending to this totally amazingly prolific knitter called Marti in Seattle. Her blog is called Weebug Knits. Over the course of Secret Pals 5 she has knit the most phenomenal lace shawls and spun some wonderful yarn as well as knocking off baby blankets, boooties, washcloths, a one skein wonder..... the list goes on. Needless to say I have been super impressed and pretty on awe of her knitting output. She has two daughters like me but they are a bit older than my two. Hers are in school. So I can only hope that I will be knitting as much and as well as her by the time my two are in school! I have been working on this post for a while now (stuff keeps cropping up) so I am only just revealing myself now. I wonder if she managed to guess me???

Looking forward to Secret Pals 6 this month. I hope I am as lucky with my pals as I was this time around.

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