Monday, August 22, 2005

Von Troska & Roses

Here are some shots of something I am working on. Its a bit hard to tell from this shot but do you think Von Troska would mind?

I have a lovely sagey green, Von Troska, silk organza tunic that I have worn over pants on occasion. When I was knitting a scarf from one of the colours of Karabella Roses I discovered that it went perfectly with the colour of the dress. Then I thought why knit another scarf?? So I decided on another tunic to wear over the top. Its knitted on 25mm needles so it is very holey. I'm hoping that it wont be too 'out there' to actually wear.

I'm progressing pretty well. I've finished both front and back panels but am stalled at the 'V' neck shaping on the front because I began too early and need to frog back a few rows and knit some more before I begin the neck. It will literally take 10 minutes to do but it is the psychological hurdle. Tonight maybe??? Here is a detail shot:
In other news, my rare yarns wrap vest is going fab!! Well I'm about 8 inches in again. Girl Printer tells me that she is 1/2 way through - Oh boy I am destined to be totally lapped on this one. *sigh* I am comforted by thinking of my motto Slow and Steady Wins the Race....