Saturday, August 27, 2005


I loooove Tupperware. I totally love it! It is fantastic plastic!!

I especially love the 'at home mum in suburbia' connotations of having a tupperware party. Even more, I love the '50's mum in an apron with full make up' kind of image. (Which is probably wrong, Tupperware probably wasn't around till the 60s? 70s? - but I love the idea none the less) I had at Tupperware Party last night. It was a raging success! Cocktails and Tupperware go very well indeed! Anyone need any?? I have till tuesday night to put in my order. A special hello to Ange who stayed and yacked into the wee small hours (just how a girls night in should be!)

Do you know that Ange and I have known each other for about 32 years (give or take a year) ever since playgroup days!!!!! Our kids are the same age now as we were when we first met. I think that that is just a totally staggering idea!

We are very different people yet we are the same in a lot of ways. Our lives have been and are still pretty different but still the same in a lot of ways. I've learned a lot about being good friends from Ange. I'm happy to keep right on learning.

Have a happy tupperware day today!