Thursday, August 18, 2005


Oh I am struggling with this Rare Yarns versatile wrap vest!! I have begun and frogged it about five times!!

First Frogging: I was swatching for tension and kept going to make sure I was comfortable with the lace pattern. I worked out that I needed one size 7mm and one size 8mm to get row and stitch tension right. Knitted one whole ball then decided I was ready to go. Frogged the swatch to begin for real.

Second and Third Frogging: Decideed using a 7mm and an 8mm was silly went ahead with 8mm's. Got two or three repeats into the lace and lost track. Being a newbie to lace knitting (and I know this one is an easy one) I'm no good at tink-ing yarn forwards and psso's so any mistake means total frogg out! TWICE!

Fourth: A clever person (Ailsa) worded me up on lifelines - duh!! Why didnt I think of it before?? So off I go, life lines in place after every lace reapeat, its working well!! I Get about four inches into the pattern and than I have an opportunity to try on Kerry's wrap that she's already finished. I compared my tension and next to hers (which only just fits me) I am knitting WAY TOO TIGHT!! So I move up two needle sizes (oh I love those Denise needles!!) and have another go for about four more inches- OK this time I am getting Kerry's tension (boy she is a loose knitter - or boy I am a tight knitter.) So now I have four inches tight and four inches loose - nothing for it - Frog and begin again!! Here is a shot of how far I got.

STILL GOING - Now I am about one lace repeat into the latest incarnation. I was determined to finish this NO MATTER WHAT!! However, I'm not sure I like the lace so loose. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!I cant be bothered to change the pattern and I dont want to have to buy more yarn to knit it bigger with tigher tension so it may end up a blanket and not a wrap afterall!! But for now I will persevere with the 10mm's. Here is a shot of where I am up to now!