Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rare Yarns Wrap Vest Knitalong

I am in a knitalong with three others. It is to make a wrap vest from Rare Yarns in 'Rare Fire - Fruity'. The others in the knitalong have totally lapped me - so to speak.

Donni has decided not to make it at all!
Kerry has knitted TWO (!) vests!!
Ailsa has made the vest, frogged it and is half way through knitting a poncho with the yarn instead!

I had knitted two rows until recently when I managed to get to 6 rows complete then realised that I had knitted the lace repeat wrongly. Frogged again!

Now I am putting in lifelines. I've made some progress as shown - actually I'm even further along now than when this shot was taken. But I am worried that because I am such a tight knitter that it will be too small. I have since found that Girlprinter (see her post on July 9th)is knitting it too- in the same colour as me . I wonder how she is going??

I'm looking forward to Stitch 'n Bitch this Saturday. I just realised that Jussi's tag is different to the one I have just done so Jussi, I'll try to let you know about my idiosyncrasies before I see you on Saturday!