Friday, July 29, 2005


I almost got through the last tag then I realised that Jussi had tagged me with a different set of questions. So here it is:

Pronunciation Keyn. pl. id· i·o·syn·cra·sies -Astructural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.
Write down five of your own personal idiosyncrasies.

I was telling my usually sweet hubby about this tag and was asking him what some if my strange habits were. As I was suggesting things he kept saying "No that's not an idiosyncrasy - That's just being hopeless" I dont know what I was expecting him to say..

1. I make cups of tea constantly whether I want one or not. Often this process gets left in varions stages of completion. Like, kettle boiled and turned off or cup and tea bag put out and left or water poured on tea bag then left or completely made and totally forgotten. It is about the process sometimes not the tea.

2. I must have satin edged blankets on my bed. I snuggle under them up to my nose and like the feel of satin on my cheeks. Its just not a snuggly cosy sleep without the satin edging.

3. I always ask for three olives in my martinis. Mostly because I'm being cheeky to the bartender but really one olive is not enough in a martini. Two is just teasing and lets face it toothpicks fit three perfrctly. In case you want to make or order me one, I have mine very dry, just a sniff of vermouth with Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray Gin and THREE Olives -never a twist!

4. I hate telephones and pine for the days of proper letter writing. (Mobiles can be handy though!)

5. I collect malapropisms. I have a huge list. The original and best are "Playing the devils avocado" and "I've had elephant sufficiency" and "just to cast a few nasturtiums"

6. Yes six! - I'm on a roll now - I am a total list making freak. I mean I have lists of lists. I even have more that one book to put lists in and while we are at it I love categorising. That's why I have more than one book of lists. They are organised by subject. Usually my lists focus on "things I have to remember to do" I find it strangely liberating when you feel snowed under by all the possibilities to just write them all down and face them. Then they don't go round and round in your head and make you dizzy!!

I can't think of who to pass the tag on to at the mo but will let you know when I do.
Cheers Jussi.