Friday, July 01, 2005

Crash Crochet

Oh there’s sun again. Yesterday – boy what a day – pouring, totally pouring rain and it was flooding all over the state. Here today though, sunshine. So I’ve decided to take a shot in the foliage again and take advantage of that watery winter sun.

In the shot: Recent attempts to learn the basics of crochet ( thanks to knitabulous )including a picot edge and a crab stitch for finishing Gemma’s vest. I'm getting there I think.
An amusing aside: This morning I went to the gym to do an hour of aquarobics and a few laps. (Kids in creche-got to love that!) and wouldnt you know it - I forgot to take a towel!!!!!So after the class i had to go outside the pool in my cossie, dripping wet and FREEZING and ask Donni (who luckily works at the sports medicine centre in the same complex) for a towel.

What a drip – literally!