Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New Machine

We have a new machine in this house. Can you guess?? I will give you a hint. I am sitting in comfort in the living room with Milly playing at my feet.. Got it? Well ...its portable, battery operated, wireless, sleek, silver and has a huge screen!! Yep its a laptop with 1gb ram and 100gb hard disk!! Its fast and its on wireless broadband. Blogger heaven!! Last night I sat crocheting on the couch with the machine next to me playing a podcast interview with Pam Allen, the editor of Interweave Knits. Oh I love technology!!!!

Today, once I tear myself away from the machine, i am going to be supermum!! devoting my self tirelessly to playing games with the two year old. Making cubby houses and playing parties + etc. This is to assuage my guilt over being super grump, yelling, impatient, door slamming mum yesterday. Thank goodness Milly seems too young to remember. Today I am reformed and all is sweetness and light.

Happy knitting. Perhaps I can crochet in the cubby??