Monday, May 30, 2005

Not Knitting

Madeleine's 4th Birthday Bag

Lily's 3rd Birthday Bag

Oh boy time flies when you're having fun! Yep I seem to have got over the creative stagnation and have managed to cross a few more projects off my list. These two bags for example are pressies for two little girls I know who had birthdays recently. I know I know its not knitting - but I do have a sewing room full of fabric just asking to be used...They are 'chenilled' fabric, a great technique where you put together five or six layers of fabric, sew them together with lines about 1/2 and inch wide, then cut through all layers but one. When you wash and tumble dry them, the cut layers puff up. Its fun and quick for a wow factor pressie. I really enjoyed making these. Even better was seeing the little girls playing with them. Milly, my two year old, was very sadthat they had to be given away. I will make one for her one day......promise....