Monday, May 30, 2005

Frogging Away at S'nB

Here I am frogging an intarsia heart. You know I did not realise what a pain it was to frog through all those twists! This shot was taken at Stitch 'n Bitch on the weekend which was a blast! I have so got into the idea of a global community of knitters sharing through the web I decided to make a blog for our Wollongong Stitch'n Bitch have a look I was working on the vest I'm doing for my 9 month old, Gemma. It's a kind of made up as I go along kinda sorta based on a pattern. (Like I do my cooking) Hopefully it will work out in the end. Its Rowan All Seasons Cotton which is knitting up a super treat! Of course these shots only show the frogged piece that had to be cannibalised for the yarn to make the new improved non-intarsia Gemma vest.

Such fun already. I've been in touch with my giver and givee and I guess I can't say too much about either or it might give who I am away. But lets just say I have my thinking cap on secret pal! And my other secret pal out there a big hello whoever you are hope youre having fun reading my very new blog. I'm slowly getting better at it. I wish there were more hours in the day to play. Because I would love to be able to put on the sp5 button and more links and day....But go one have a look and see what sp5 is all about.